Bookings - Logo Not Displayed In E-Mail To External Customers

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Hi folks,


A colleague has created a Bookings page for clients both internal and external to our organisation.  The logo they have chosen appears fine in the confirmation e-mail sent to an internal client.  (Outlook 365 on Windows 10.)  However, when the confirmation e-mail is received by an external client, the logo is not displayed in the e-mail.  Instead it is replaced by the text "[Logo]".  The logo as well as the 'invite.ics' are sent as attachments.  (External devices tested so far include: Gmail app on Android, Gmail web page on Chrome (Windows 10) & Outlook 365 on Windows 10.)  I created a test site and found exactly the same issue.


Is this expected behaviour?  Is it a known issue with the e-mail formatting?


I have found it surprisingly hard to find anything on this exact issue.  The closest I have found is this - - which is about a year old now.


It does not seem to be the best user experience for external clients, which I imagine is probably the larger use case.  Hopefully someone can set me straight on that :smile:


Thanks in advance for any help.

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