Bookings: let customer decide time slot

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I work as an interpreter and appointments can take up from 15 minutes to a few days. Is there an option in Bookings to let customers decide on the time duration or time slot for an appointment? I can hardly make 48 services for every 15 minutes in case someone wants to book me for 12 hours straight.
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yes! think thats similar to my enquiry where i need clients to be able to book double/triple slots, Ive a feeling there isnt a way to do it or i would have found it. Will prob need a new release functionality or someone with a coding workaround?
I would also like the ability to set a minimum and maximum duration for customers to choose from.
not having this feature makes bookings very far from "self-service" viable.

Not only am I not willing to make 48 services, i dont expect my client to have to book multiple appointments just to reserve a service for 3 hours (30 minutes is the base time... 6 times of reloading and reinputting info)

Microsoft please make this possible somehow

Hi @Joshua_R_Jones,


I am an independent advisor responding to your "wish list :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:."  


You will be glad to know that many Bookings users agree with you. I am included. I encourage you to add your specific requirement or vote on others' feedback.  Here is the link to the feedback search results for this subject.


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When updates roll for Bookings, where are they posted? I'd love to know ASAP when all our feature requests are being fulfilled.