Bookings/Join.Me Integration

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Today I found Microsoft Bookings for the first time as part of my E5 account. I provide CAD/CAM training and consulting often via web conferencing. Bookings looks interesting and a good candidate for a booking solution. 


I spoke with Office 365 Sales who referred me to Office 365 Tech support, who said for my question I would need to post to this forum. So here goes. 


What I would like a customer to do is to visit an integrated Bookings page/link on my website where they could pick a time to schedule a session of time with us. As part of that booking when they receive the calendar invite, I would like a Join.Me unique meeting link to be included in the invitation. The goal is to increase automation so I don't have to follow up to manually send out a Join.Me invitation. 


Is there an API for Bookings or some other means to make Microsoft Bookings and Join.Me talk to each other for this? 





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Not that I know of.  Bookings really needs more features.