Bookings is not showing any availability on calendar

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The Bookings calendar is not allowing for any bookings for anytime in the month of September, even though there is available time for people to book. It states that there are no available times even though there are plenty of times available. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. 

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@ashhod84 facing the same problem. Ironically, I could see the services i created last week but for some reason, unable to view a day before the service.

Did you ever resolve this issue?  Still dealing with it in 2022.  @ashhod84 

Hi @NickBaran,


I am an independent advisor responding to the Bookings app inquiries.


Please check if Bookable when staff is free and minimum and maximum lead times are set. See the image below. However, I made this assumption that they are.



Also, check to ensure the staff's Use Business hours setting is not conflicting with other settings. See both images below.

- Select Staff icon in left navigation | Choose a Staff Member | Edit Staff | Deselect Use business hours

-On this screen, enable Events on Office Calendar to affect availability.




If these settings don't work, one user stated creating a new booking page resolved the issue. 

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Thanks for your reply.  Can you direct me to the thread where the user suggested creating a new bookings page to resolve the issue?  I'm not sure how to do this.  I have already accounted for the first suggestions in your response. @Teresa_Cyrus 



Here is the link to the source thread.  However, it does not give the instructions to create a new bookings page.


Here is how to create a new calendar booking page.

  • Launch Bookings
  • From the home page, select Create a new calendar
  • Next, you have two choices:
  1. Clone your existing calendar, select this option to see if the problem resolves with all your existing settings. 
  2.  If the problem persists, select Create from Scratch. The wizard will walk you through a series of actions.

Let me know if this fixed your issue.


Thanks for your reply.

Cloning the calendar did not fix the issue. I tried creating another from scratch and it seems like, at least for the time being, the issue has been fixed.


That's great.

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