Bookings Group Meeting One Cancellation Cancels Entire Event

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Hoping someone can help us find a workaround. We utilize Bookings to schedule and conduct group- style open interviews for an entry level position at our organization. We are finding that when an applicant books a meeting, and then cancels their booking, everyone booked, including the staff member assigned, receives a cancellation notice. Further, the meeting disappears from the Bookings calendar and shows as CANCELLED on the staff member's Teams calendar.


We are assuming this is not how the feature was intended to function and it is causing confusion among our applicants. Has anyone else experienced this before, and figured out a workaround to prevent this from happening?



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@mueller-justinlee when one of the customer cancels the appointment, unless they are the only remaining customer in the appointment the original event should not be cancelled. Do you see this happen consistently? Can you please create a support ticket to help us unblock you asap?


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@Babu_Alagarsamy Confirming that this is happening in events where the person cancelling is NOT the only remaining customer. Additionally we are dealing with multiple bookings meeting being created in the same meeting slots (i.e. we are having multiple meetings booked with the same staff member, at the same time). How do I go about putting in a support ticket?


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@mueller-justinlee @Babu_Alagarsamy 


Same problem here,


Every time someone cancels an appointment, it deletes the whole time slot on the calendar.

I tried with one and two employees linked to that service, didn't change anything.

I tried not letting people manage their appointments, didn't change anything.

As there is no way to block people from canceling, what solutions could we get ?