Bookings GraphAPI 1.0 started to return 500 for all requests

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I'm developing app what uses graphapi to communicate with Bookings. App was working still at 5.12.2022 but after that I started to get 500 responses from Bookings API. Requests are same, nothing changed. I tried to make new secret as I'm using application permissions but did not help.


Some of the beta endpoints are working, not all. But all v1.0 endpoints return 500.


What could be reason?

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hi @jop12 , please share the endpoint and the request details



Endpoint was POST /solutions/bookingBusinesses/{id}/getStaffAvailability and discussing with MS Support, they found issues from service.

Hi @jop12,
What did you have to do/get done to resolve?

Opened support request, attached logs of api calls. After discussing with support engineers, they managed to find out issues from service, fixed and now it is working.