Bookings frozen "Loading Events"

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I've had this happen lots of times . . when I click on the Calendar, Bookings freezes and displays "Loading Events".  There's a screenshot at the foot of this post.


I've found that if I exit from Bookings and start again, it then works fine, but I'd rather be able to use it without that.




Bookings Loading Events Screenshot.jpg



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Hi Steve,


Thanks for the screenshot, I have reached out to my dev team to see if there is a bug.

For this kind of issue, the best way to ask for help is through the Home page "Give feedback" link on the bottom right.


This sends the dev team all the required data and allows them to ask clarifying questions directly.

I am attaching a screenshot of where to find the link.


Thanks!Help in homepage.PNG

I regularly see the same behaviour. Refreshing the window with F5 usually fixes it but there is definitely an underlying issue.