Bookings for Individual usage within our org?

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Can someone point me to some good documentation on enabling Bookings for individual usage.  I would like our employees to be able to use Bookings to make a portion of their calendar available externally, without sharing what the rest of their calendar looks like.  Basically offering a Calendly like experience using Bookings.  I don't want to have our users publish their entire calendar out using O365 Outlook web publishing, but instead use bookings.  For instance, I would make 3 or 4 hours of my daily calendar available for external bookings, but would want to keep the rest of my day reserved for internal employees only to book my time using outlook.


All of the documentation I have seen to-date is geared for a completely different set of use cases aimed at a small business offering a service (like a salon) that allows someone to choose an available time and hair stylist.  My use case is I want to be able to send an external vendor that is soliciting me a link to a bookings calendar that shows 4 hours of my day (say morning) and lets them see the available 30 min slots (that is showing as filled slots when either an external user has already booked a slot, or if an internal user has already booked a time with me in O365 outlook).  Thank you.

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Hey @Carrida if you go into Staff with the Microsoft Bookings admin portal, you can set your availability to specific hours or days. Have you played with that at all for your use case?

@Carrida I'm looking to do this same thing. So I hope this thread picks up steam and gains some traction.


I would like to have a link for individuals to be book but not necessarily have them listed from the main booking page. It's easy to set up staff, and assign them to service. However, what if I don't want that service listed on the making booking page? Essentially, have a private booking link for my staff. I can always create a new company to create a new booking page, but this has to be done for every individual.


Basically, it'd be nice to have a unique booking link for each staff member.