Bookings for Education?

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It has been a few months since we've seen or heard anything about bringing Bookings to Education tenants. Is there any more news to share or any timelines? We have a great demand for this service on campus and I imagine across the industry so any information would be appreciated.

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Hi Jason,


Thanks for your interest in Bookings!

We are currently working to bring Bookings to our education licenses. Our public Office roadmap has it as "in development". We hope it will start rolling out in the next couple of months.


Do you know what Office for education license do you manage?



We are actually running E3 licenses here on campus.


Hi Jason,


Thanks for your reply.

Since you are running E3 licenses, this makes it a little easier. Our work to bring Bookings to E3 is almost complete and we should have news in the next 2-3 weeks.



That's great news! I found that I was actually able to get into it using a direct URL last night and it appeared to have full functionality. We can't wait to get started on it when it is officially launched.

Has there been any word on this? We haven't seen it show up in the app launcher yet and would really like to get some of our internal customers using it over our winter break to be ready for the start of the semester.

Hi Jason,


We sent a Message Center communication to E3 admins about a month ago letting them know that Bookings will start shipping to E3 customer as off-by-default with a $0 add-on. This means that the admin needs to "purchase" the $0 add-on in order to get Bookings. 


We are still rolling this out, so it might take some time to reach every customer.

This support article will tell you how to purchase the add-on.

This support article will help you set up Bookings for your customers.


Hope this helps!





We must have missed it. Thanks. We don't see it yet so we'll just keep checking back in.

Do you not see the add-on to purchase? You should be able to see it from the admin center.


Just so that I am clear. You have Enterprise E3, right? Not Education E3 licenses?

We have Education E3 and do not see it as a purchase.

Ah! I see the issue. From the earlier messages I assumed you were on Enterprise E3.


Education E3 does not have access to Bookings, it is only available for A3 and A5 Education customers.



Is E3 going to be getting Bookings? I had asked before, perhaps on another thread, and it was stated that it was coming soon.  I also don't know, based on the changes in October, if we're now Enterprise E3 or if there's a conversion to Education A3.

Hi Jason,


Yes, you did ask. But there was a mix up between SKUs. You were referring to Education E3 and I thought you were referring to Enterprise E3.


Education E3 will not have Bookings. I am not sure if Education E3 is turning into A3, you would have to check with your account manager or support. I do know that Education E3 is not turning into Enterprise E3.


Again, sorry for the confusion.