Bookings feed from Bookings for a wall display

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Just got access to Microsoft Bookings and I'm digging the simplicity of it.


The only thing I really need to start using it is a way to get a feed of all the bookings to display on a large screen.

That way staff and customers (our customers are internal) can see who is next or booked for the day at a glance.


Thoughts? Is there a simple way this can be pulled out now?

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Hi Damien,

Thanks for your question. The way you can see that is going to Bookings and "Calendar" on the left nav. Filter to "Day" on the top right, and it will show your staff's day schedule. It works for your staff to get a quick glance of their day. Hope this helps!

Hi Gabriel,

Yes I know about this but you need to be logged into the admin console for the bookings calendar.
It would be good if this was a view that could be access without having to have backend access.



Hi Damien,


Thanks for clarification. We always evaluate new scenarios. You can provide that feedback in the forum.