Bookings does not show customer notes

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Since mid-February/24 (possibly after that month's update), we have noticed that the notes that customers indicate when you create an appointment, are not being displayed.

We have two different services that we have created Bookings for different types of appointments. In both of them the same thing is happening, the client's notes are not being displayed.




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Same - did you ever get a response?



Hi. So far, I haven't had a response.

I am not sure if this helps, but do you use Power Automate?
I use this to pull through the custom questions and answers into an email or excel document.
There might be a way to have the notes sent to you instead of the original email...

In our example, instead of staff receiving the general bookings email, we use Power Automate to create our own email. This way staff do not have to individually click on the appointments for information.

I am not sure if this would resolve the issue.

Hi @Grace6084 .

Yes, we use power to automate the registration process, saving all the appointment data in an Excel file.


In this file, the notes that the client indicates in the appointment are also being saved incorrectly, when before they were doing it correctly.


Last year, around October or November, something similar happened with the notes: they appeared correctly until one of the updates started to show the values in English when they were in Spanish before that update. After a month, it corrected itself. I don't quite remember if it was in one of the later updates.
Thank you for your response and help.




Hi. Does anyone know anything about it or that something similar happens to them?