Bookings does not send teams meeting link

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I am trying since some days to get an teams link in the email which is sent out via bookings  without success. Can someone help me here?

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Bookings is not sending out a Teams meeting link in the Bookings confirmation email, even though Add Online Meeting is checked and Send Meeting Invite to the customer is also checked. My team relies heavily on Bookings and the associated Teams meetings so I need to know why this is happening and how to fix it. I really hope somebody replies with a solution
We are having the same issue too.

I have identified a solution that works for me. I had 2 staff assigned to the problematic service (i.e. wasn't sending Teams meeting link) and it turns out one of them wasn't "bookable (user-approved) " so I removed that user and now the Teams link is in the confirmation message. I figure there is additional logic that also checks if the staff assigned to a service have a valid mailbox before allowing Teams links to be sent. Hope this helps...

@gregoryjohnston Thank you, this was my problem too.


When creating a new booking make sure to enable "Add online meeting". This was my fix.