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My company is using Bookings to allow desk booking in our office, with all desks being listed as staff, and desks being bookable for half day (morning), half day (afternoon) or the whole day. 
The original minimum lead time was 24-hours, and this worked correctly.
I made a change so that the minimum lead time to be able to book a desk is 2-hours, but this is change is not being reflected - no one is able to book a desk without more than 24-hours notice.
Anyone seen any issues like this?


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Hi @SeanPerry 


I am an independent advisor and a heavy user of the Booking app.  I was unable to recreate this issue, nor could I find any supporting information during this investigation. So, now I am really curious about a solution.


However, here are a couple of things you can try. 


  • During your testing, make sure you use a different date a time 
  • Make sure you choose a date within your maximum period 
  • Refresh each staff/desk so that the changes can be reflected
    • You should not have to do this under normal circumstance but sometime there are computer gremlins. 
  • Clear your Microsoft Edge browser history (edge://history/all) | Search Bookings | Clear browsing data | Choose Time range
    • Again, computer gremlins

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