Bookings Customers in Outlook Contacts

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How can I view the Bookings Customers in Outlook's Contacts?


Bookings seems to be an OWA (Outlook Web App) and the Customers details say they are "Showing data from Outlook" so I should be able to share and open them in Outlook, but I can't find them in Outlook or the Exchange admin center. Nothing in the Global Address List, public folders, public folder mailboxes, groups, or shared mailboxes looks like it'd be related to Bookings. 


If this isn't currently possible, it should really be added to your feature road map.


Thank you.

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Us too, @Matthew Horvay 


I just realized your post's age, but I do not see a solution in researching this. One would think that contacts would automatically import into outlook, but they don't. 


Has anyone found a solution? Thanks