Bookings custom URL feature

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Is there a way to create Bookings links dedicated to certain individuals?  For example I work for a school in the IT department and we use bookings for appointments.  Currently we are having a small issue where some users when scheduling a time to resolve their tickets are choosing another technician.  Is there a way to make links per technician so if I send a link to a user I am the only choice for them?  Without creating individual Bookings calendars that is.

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If you use the "New Booking" UI, you can create a service for each individual. When you navigate to the services you'll see a service booking link specific to the individual assigned to that service. That's one way to achieve this.

@Earl_Reyes All our techs perform all the services we do.  We need links per technician that only allow bookings with that specific person.  All our signature lines contain the Bookings link.  We have problems of people lets say I am working with scheduling with another tech when that person has no idea what the problem is.

@summerzj i suppose you could just create a separate business for each person which would achieve your goal.