Bookings Creating Duplicate Teams Meetings

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I am utilizing Microsoft Bookings to scheduling training classes for new employees. I have the trainers set up on Bookings, who then provide a link to new employees to "register" for a class on a date/time by booking. 


The Bookings calendar is set up as a 1:N group Teams meeting. 


My issue is occasionally when someone books for a class, the Teams meeting put on the host's Outlook calendar is DIFFERENT from the meeting on the booking site. The meeting IDs are separate, despite being for the same day/time. Employees are joining BOTH meetings, which is causing confusion. Is this a known issue with bookings? How do I correct?

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We have also been encountering this issue.

Upon our basic and somewhat limited testing so far, we have found that it may be caused by us changing the Service Duration (from 1 hour to 2 hours for example) and then subsequent appointments have two different join links.

Frustrating and would be great if a fix was found for this or an update by MS but our current workaround may be to set a new service back up (cloned from the previous service for ease) at the new service duration.