Bookings can't sync properly with 365 tools

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I've notice that Bookings is not sync properly in calendar having bugs among some users, if we do the event we receive the email but the event can't be visualized in calendar as created/cancelled by some costumers or some providers.

So trying to solve this problem i've tried to do an connection with API using Power Automate, but the ID of the event in bookings it's deprecated and seems different compared to an Outlook event. 

Another bad ocasion its the case of when we schedule a meeting, the meeeting overlaps the existing one, even changing the settings to schedule only when free.

I think bookings it's a powerful resource to create a bridge to B2C, but have so many errors.

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@Mariana_Cordeiro Sorry to hear that you are facing issues with Bookings.


Can you please share some additional details to help us unblock you asap?


For the first issue, are the Bookings staff not able to see the appointment booked against them in their personal calendar? Or its the customer who is booking the appointment is not receiving the calendar invites?


For the second issue, do you have below setting enabled for the staffs in Bookings calendar?


Is this something you see happening all the time?