Bookings calendar based on room availability

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I have a bookings calendar set up for multiple users, but they all rely on the same conference room.  We have our conference room set as a resource in Office 365.

If the conference room is already booked, the expected behavior would be that Bookings would not allow someone to book a meeting with me at that time.  Currently though, if the conference room is booked, a customer is still able to book me for the same time, causing a conflict (double booking) of our conference room.
I have not been able to figure out how to make bookings aware of both my schedule AND the conference room schedule.  Is there a way to accomplish this?  I do have the conference room added to my bookings page.

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@mvasiloff I am working on a similar use case. So far i have been exploring the approach to create different Services for each room . The rooms are a resource calendar and can be addressed by their individual email address. I use this email address to add the room as  Staff to the Bookings calendar.  Then I assign the room staff fixed to the service. This will require to create as many serices as I have rooms . Not sure if this is desirable. This way the Booking page manages availability correctly, even with Buffer time after or before the meeting. I can though still create a double booking manually for the room if i use the bookings app directly :( ... although i then get a mail notification the room has rejected the invitation . This is something i need to clarify with the business stakeholders . Maybe i can create a flow that can respond to this mail and trigger a cancellation on Bookings so the service gets canceeled and the customer gets notified that this service will not be avalailable at that time 

Let me know how this goes! I've been trying to get a flow working to address this issue and have had no luck thus far.
I do have the same use case - multiple trainers available, but only on training room. Looking forward if you can find a solution.
Thanks for the reply. Im not sure this approach will work for me. I have outside clients that I want to be able to book an onsite appointment based on my availability AND the availability of the conference room (resource). If I have the Conference room as a Staff resource, they wouldnt be able to book based on both my availability and that of the conference room if I understand how Bookings works?