Bookings Bug- day of week and calendar days incorrectly lined up in mobile view

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Bookings Bug- day of week and calendar days incorrectly lined up in mobile view (even when opened in desktop view on phone). Had to resort to going back to Calendly :facepalm:




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I have the same issue and would like an update, please!
Same issue here. Any idea on how to fix this?
Seems like a recent issue, so I assume the Microsoft support team will fix it pretty soon, as it is a critical feature and the main point of Bookings… selecting a date on the calendar.

@ljhayes @JennyC123  this looks like it has been fixed! Let me know if you don't see the same after testing...

@ryanfincham It is unfortunately still incorrectly lined up on my end. If yours is fixed hopefully it will be corrected soon!

I just checked on all browsers on my iphone and the desktop developer tools. Be sure to refresh your cache and cookies @ljhayes 

Just tried it (first time ever using bookings) on my iPhone 12, Chrome Browser and it's not lined up. Same after clearing cookies.
Even doing so, mine is still not lined up? I am not sure how to fix the issue...
Same here. People are getting back to me saying that they did not book as the days and dates do not line up, leaving them confused.

@ajitjohnson I have figured out that my issue was selecting "Use newest version of Bookings." When I unselected it, the calendar then lined up when viewed on a phone. 

@ljhayes That worked for me too. Thank you. Hopefully, MS will fix the bug in the new version soon. 


For anyone checking this thread the option is within the Booking Page > Booking Page Access Control > Use new version of booking.


@ajitjohnson @ljhayes So this toggle worked for me for a short time. It has now reverted back to the original mismatching days/times, boo. I am using the iframe option inside of a modal. 

I tried that, hope it sticks for us. I switched to the new Bookings because I was hoping to see visibility into the extra comment fields I've added. For some really, really odd reason MS hides those in Bookings, and in the email, and the appointment I get. I have to download a CSV manually to parse through and see the reason why a customer is booking, which is a required field for us.
I turned on the New Bookings interface two days ago for 5 of our Booking pages and had the same issue with the calendar showing an 8 day week on mobile devices only. I have reverted to the old interface.

I wanted the new interface on as the information text about the booking displays on the new interface, but is hidden behind an "i" information icon on the old interface.

Strange bug and needs a quick resolution.
We have just tested on several mobile devices and are still seeing this issue.

Please give an ETA for the fix Microsoft.
I have this regardless of using the old or new Bookings page. Tiny bug completely screws the whole app. Undermines confidence on both sides. Needs fixed ASAP please.
Same, we tried switching back to the old version but nothing has changed. Very happy to try some workarounds if anyone has any? Even forcing desktop view on mobile would help in the interim so it's a bit more usable.
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@JennyC123 We have started deploying the fix for this issue now and it should be available to everyone by tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.