Bookings Buffer Time - details noted within calendar appointment

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We have a huge list of 'Services' in our company Bookings profile, where we use the links to send to clients to book appointments.  We include buffer time for most of these services.


In the past, I'm pretty sure (though don't quote me) that when an appointment was booked by a client, it would go into my colleagues calendar and within the notes section of the appointment it would always show the buffer time as per the example below:


Buffer time:
Before: 90min (10:15).
Time with customer: 11:45–13:45
After: 90min (15:15)
Time zone:(UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

However, now, loads of the appointments being booked don't detail the buffer time in my colleagues calendar appointments! Some do, some don't. 


For example, something could be booked for 9-9.30am by a client with 15 minutes buffer either side.  It will go into my colleagues calendar as 8.45-9.45am, but the calendar appointment will not show any details of buffer time vs actual time with customer.  So he thinks the call is starting at 8.45am, not 9am.


I've played around with settings but I cannot find the answer.


Please help!

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