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I want my students to sign up for a class. Classes start at 14.20 or 15.05hrs. These classes last 45 minutes. So, I opened up:



availability options


and set the interval to 45 minutes. I scroll down all the way to the bottom of the availability options page, and set to following parameters (this is Dutch btw):




I saved the page. Looking at my page, the time frames simply do not work. Look at this:




In my view, students should have to option to choose either a class starting at 14.20, or 15.05, since the interval is 45 minutes and I set the availablity from 14.20 to 15.50. Now, they can only choose 3.05PM. What's more, the 'repeat weekly' function does not work, since they can only choose September 11. I tried to wait a day since uploading new information takes ages, but even that does not help. The times simply do not change.


What am I doing wrong?

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