Bookings app: Work week calendar not showing staff availability

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Hi there,

I'm hoping someone will be able help me clarify why the different calendar views on the Bookings app show different things.

When viewing by 'Day by staff', I can see staff availability, when they're busy, when they're not:




When viewing by 'Work week', even when staff are ticked on the left-side menu, can't see any availability information per staff:




What I'm hoping to see is, is when I tick on 1 staff on the left-side menu, for me to view the availability for that staff member for the work week. Similar to how it's shown in 'day by staff', but to show for the work week (like we often have it showing on our Outlook calendar).

Thanks in advance :)

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@EArdleyWS   I needed to go into the services section and be sure all of my staff were approved, in my case,Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 10.04.41 AM.png giving interviews.

Thanks for that @Scottiej13.

With your response, I was able to identify that I hadn't assign staff at the 'edit service' section, but even when I assign someone, the 'Work week' view doesn't show their availability.

When you go to 'Work Week' view, do you see staff availability?


2022-12-22 14_04_53-Bookings - Esther Ardley - Outlook.png

@EArdleyWS seeing staff availability is supported only in the "day by staff" view. Since the other views are not staff-specific, they don't display availability for any staff.