Bookings App Unavailable

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Hi there,
I cannot save anything to bookings. It keeps notifying me that the app is unavailable and to try again. This has been going on for two days!!!
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I've contacted MS support: ms bookings ios app not signing in‎ (#‎22494048‎) and i'm awaiting a response....
I'm experiencing the exact same issue. Hoping for a speedy resolution here...

@begyourpardon  im having the same issue not logging in to the app . dont think its just us .

Same here. Not able to use the app. Can not signing. On the device that is signed in cannot retrieve the info of a booking.
Same here since last week.
Indeed logged in app cannot refresh data
Not logged in cannot log in.

As if the connection is not working.
I’ve undergone troubleshooting with support. Disabled and re-enabled the Bookings App from with 365 settings at a user level. That didn’t work (disabled and reinstalled app then re-enabled). I also tried disabling the app globally, waited 15 mins then re-enabled. Didn’t work. I’ve tried a bunch of long-shot solutions that would sound rather ridiculous if I had to say them; none worked. Awaiting for Stefan from support to get back to me with next steps. It doesn’t appear to be a settings issue. Though I wonder what all of our 356 licenses have in common. That should narrow it down to a manageable number of variables.

I have created my booking page. But when I enter my credentials in the iOS app it has been telling me from two days that I have to have a microsoft 365 premium account while I only have the standard subscription. How can the app work on the browser and not in the app? The service is enabled for both subscriptions, in fact I can create the booking page and manage them ... but only via the web. Not via app.
Thank you.


As of today it works again. Slow, but at least I can handle the bookings through the app again.

My license is microsoft 365 standard (formerly office 365 premium)

@Mrs2nl I just tried. It's true: after two days the app started working again. Thanks for the report.