Bookings Adding duplicate appointments resulting in more than expected attendees

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Bookings is adding duplicate appointments and resulting in more than expected attendees. There is also a "No Staff Assigned" error on events even though a staff member is on the service. Anyone else seeing similar issues? Ticket submitted to Microsoft.

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Are you seeing a slot listed available even after booking an appointment at that slot? Is this consistently happening? Can you please DM your self-schedule bookings page URL?
Seeing something very similar. We are using Bookings for training courses delivered via Teams. A new booking triggers a duplication of the event with the new attendee being recorded in the "new" event. Did you ever get this resolved?
I have a very similar case. May I discuss this with you, please?
I had this issue with “All Day” bookings and had update the service to the set hours and then update each booking to the set hours. That seems to have fixed it for now. Tried going through MS support, but by the time they got back to me, I had implemented the work around and they were more interested in this than fixing the problem.
Hello, yes this is exactly what is happening. The issue cannot be reproduced at will. Will message you for follow up, thank you
Unfortunately ours are not all day events, but I'm glad that took care of your issue. I still have a case open with Microsoft.

@ThomasSchwoererOurs are recurring training courses delivered once a month (same content for a number of different subjects). Duration is set by the event service (90 minutes - 3 hours, depending on the course). We think we might have found something for ours: They are set as 1:N events with a maximum availability of 10 seats, but might be delivered by any member of a team, so the team members are assigned in the SERVICE as staff. Only one is then assigned to the EVENT depending on which member of staff is delivering the training that month. We then also assign a team outlook account (training@....), so that the event goes to a shared calendar. This technically makes it a N:N event I guess, though it still shows as 1:N. Bookings come in as expected for the number of trainers assigned to the SERVICE (e.g. 4), not the event. When the (in example of 4 trainers assigned to service) 5th booking comes in, that creates a new duplicate event. If we remove the shared account from the EVENT (so just the trainer assigned to that EVENT is the only one, so 1:N), it seems that bookings are logged as expected. We then maintain the shared calendar manually.

Will update if we see anything different.

@Steven_Jamessam7jet  That's interesting. The issue only started happening for us when I added an email address for our trainer that was external to the organisation and isn't using a 365 Exchange. Prior to that, we had many sessions with trainers that were outside of the organisation, but they all had exchange emails (although not in our organisation). As well as chaging it from an all day session to a time to and from, I also removed the additinal trainer from the staff list. Maybe it was that that solved the issue and not the fact that I changed it from an all day session. My biggest issue now is that I have had to employ many work arounds to get it all working correctly and the data is live, so I can't re-build the calendar. I also had an issue today where I updated the "Additional Information" for my services and they stopped showing the existing bookings on the bboking link, but that's another story.

Frustratingly ours worked fine until a code update in late February, when I understand that N:N events can be created. It appears that an existing service cannot be upgraded from 1:N to N:N, so a new service has to be built. We will be looking at that for our next round of courses (Q3).