Booking service availability reset after MS Graph API patching

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Hi there,

I've noticed an issue around the availability of the service being reset to its default when making a patch through the graph API.

For example:


If I have my service availability set up like so:



And then I run this patch:{bookingsCalendarUrl}/services/{serviceID... 

with body:

    "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.bookingService",
    "id": "{serviceID}",
    "displayName": "Test Service 1",
    "defaultDuration": "PT15M",
    "description": "This is a test service",
    "isHiddenFromCustomers": false,
    "notes": "",
    "preBuffer": "PT0S",
    "postBuffer": "PT0S",
    "staffMemberIds": [],
    "schedulingPolicy": {
        "timeSlotInterval": "PT15M",
        "minimumLeadTime": "PT0S",
        "maximumAdvance": "P365D",
        "sendConfirmationsToOwner": true,
        "allowStaffSelection": true
When I refresh my service it is reset to the following availability (notice the missing custom availability):


This is causing issues for us, as we are unable to automatically update assigned staff without removing the custom availabilities we have set up. Which is stopping our students from being able to make bookings.

Is this a known issue? Or perhaps I am missing some functionality in the graph API docs around setting the availability of a service? I haven't been able to find any reference to update the availability of a service in the graph documentation, only the businessHours for the calendar itself.




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