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Starting to try and use Bookings now that it allows multiple attendee bookings per event.  


I can't figure out (as the business or staff member) how to remove ONE of the registered users from a booking.  I know they can technically manage their own booking and remove themselves, but what if they can't (out of the office, etc.)?



  • One booking with maximum of 10 participants
  • Two people have registered (or booked)
  • I want to remove one of the two registered people


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@Heather_F Thanks for highlighting this feature request. We really value this feedback. We are happy to say that we are aware of this feature currently but we don't have a precise timeline for it yet. Thanks for your interest and support to Bookings!"

@Radhika_Khetan_MSFT  I need this function as well.
only the customer who already get email response can know the appointment unique url so can update the booking. I tried to find the booking unique id from calendar but no luck.

As a work around is there any way I can find the unique booking id for the customer's booking ???



Any time line for this feature now?

Hi @Radhika_Khetan_MSFT  Do we have a timescale for this, it seems ridiculous that we, as admin are unable to edit attendees from a Service?   - do we know a timescale for this update?

@tledford unfortunately we do not have a timeline but this is in our prioritised backlog and we would get to this sooner. Thanks for your interest in Bookings !

It's frankly absurd that we cant remove one attendee from multiple attendee services. The only way to remove them is to cancel the whole booking and start again?? When will this be fixed?

@Radhika_Khetan_MSFT - The multi-attendee feature of Microsoft Bookings is very much appreciated.  I like that I can set up an online meeting for a set number of customers through Bookings.  It solves a "real world" need.  Unfortunately, it ignores that - sometimes - things don't always go as planned in the real world. 


What am I supposed to do when a registered attendee tells me they can no longer attend a multi-attendee Bookings event with limited seats?


Thank you for your work and making the obvious feature solution a priority.

Its worse, in our testing if you reschedule a booking its only your booking that is changed - which is fine, BUT if you cancel your booking which is part of a group booking, it cancels all in the group booking.
This could be a real mess.