Booking Page embed in Sharepoint iframe gives "Bad Request"

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Dear Community!


Can you please give me an advise how this issues can be fixed:

We have the Booking app inserted into a SharePoint site using the iframe option, but since mid dec 2020 its stopped working, it only shows "Bad Request" in the SharePoint site of course no changes made from our side.

Inspecting the SharePoint site shows that in the iframe code somehow it inserts. "?odSkipAutoFocus=true" manually deleting this and reload the page will make it work.


Here is the code when editing the rendered page in HTML and marked the part which is added by mystery by Sharepoint :

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" tabindex="0" allowfullscreen="" role="none" style="border: 0px;"></iframe>


Thank you.







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We are also having this issue - (UK Based Global Admin). The booking URL also gives "Bad request" on all common browsers. Looks like a MS issue. 

@Tamas_Pa @Mburnap 


Same issue here, it used to work perfectly 2 weeks ago...

Any mean to notify Microsoft teams for this issue?

Same issue as well with frame including Embed SSRS Report. Report doesn't process anymore with this new hidden parameter :(


Hope we'll get an answer from Microsoft

We have the same problem. iFrame embed was working 2 weeks ago and has now stopped because this URL param is being appended. Microsoft, what's going on?!

same here ... any advice?

Dear All,


Checking this morning MS fixed the issue, iframe is working again in SharePoint, all works as before!