Booking events not appearing on Apple Calendar

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Seems that when an event is created on my Outlook/M365 calendar at work, it never appears on my Apple Calendar for that account. All other events are sync'ing up just fine and show as any other event. This seems to be an issue on the current version of MacOS Calendar for Ventura and on Big Sur.
Anyone else having issue with Booking events not appearing in their Apple Calendar?

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@bottsjw yes, I have the same problem. It works on my iPhone Calendar app but not on macOS. Anyone have a solution for that?

Yup, same problem here. I can see all of my Microsoft "bookings" on my iPhone and iPad, but not on any of my mac apple calendars.

No other events of any kind are having any problems syncing across all devices. Just the Microsoft bookings.

Bit annoying because I prefer using the IOS and Apple calendars on all my devices. And, I'm not really sure whose "fault" it is, Microsoft or Apple. 

Hello - Same problem here.
All ok on iOS but not synch on apple calendar.

Would be great to get the solution.


I am experiencing the same problem. It shows up on iOS but not on MacOS (Ventura 13.3.1).
I'm afraid there is currently no solution to this issue. Calendar on macOS uses Exchange Web Services (EWS) to synchronize with Microsoft 365, whereas Calendar on iOS uses Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). Both are technologies developed by Microsoft to synchronize calendars.

I've contacted Microsoft support over this issue, and they told me everything was working fine in their end. Fantastical also has the same issue, so I contacted their support. The problem is that EWS doesn't support Bookings, whereas EAS does.

Microsoft needs to rework EWS so that it supports Bookings. I'd advise to contact Microsoft support directly, to ask them to do so. Not supporting Bookings in EWS completely defeats the purpose of Bookings. It shows really sloppy work from Microsoft on correctly supporting Apple users.

In the meantime, if you want your booked events to show up in Calendar, the only solution is to use an alternative service. Personally, I'm considering moving to
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You can also upvote this request I just created on the Feedback portal:

(The more noise we make, the likeliest Microsoft will be to support Bookings in EWS)
Agree. More votes and noise is needed.
I'll share this with some of the Mac community boards as well for visibility.