Booking Email notifications are not sent

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I noticed that since today (Feb 27, 2024), reminders and follow up emails are not sent from the Microsoft Bookings page. We haven't done any change and they were working before. I already verified that the email isn't received for any staff (it is not in Spam + this worked up until yesterday and we haven't done any change).

Also, I noticed this morning that the "Send to" dropdown for the Reminder Emails in all our services had been set to Empty and we didn't touch it (there's actually no empty option so it is not us who did it). However, even after setting the "Send to" back to "All attendees", the notifications are still not sent.


Please, can you review and fix it with high priority. We are using Microsoft Bookings for a project that is already LIVE and we have some automations running in the background that are triggered by these notifications.


Thanks in advance,

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I noticed that for existing appointments, the reminder and follow up emails were not set even though in the service configuration, they were set.


So I can fix it by editing the existing appointments and applying the same notifications as in the Service.


I was hoping that the config from the Service would apply to the already created appointments.


UPDATE: it still fails. Even thought when I go to edit the appointment, the notification is there, we don't receive the email.

Even if I manually update the time to few minutes later, the notification is not sent. After trying it 3 times, it send it.


Also, I noticed a bug: when I click "Add an email reminder", I create one and save it, if I edit again the booking, this new reminder appears in the follow-up section. This is definitely a bug.

@AitorArdilaTD I am having the same issue. As far as I can tell, everything is set up to send notifications to All Attendees, but no notifications are being sent (at least not to business or staff, from what we can tell). So far, I haven't found a fix for this, hoping Microsoft can check for a bug.