Booking calendar is showing all services deleted

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One of our branches opened Bookings today and all their services are listed under Deleted Services. It doesn't appear this way for me but all the staff members in the branch see this view. If they uncheck deleted services, then all the appointments disappear from the calendar.  If they go to the Booking calendar in Outlook. the appointments appear fine. delete bookings.png

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@SusanMcClements did you find an answer to this problem?  It is happening for us as well. 

Any answer for this, this is happening to me as a user but no one else. It is happening on the web version of bookings but if I use Bookings through teams it works fine


Is this still an issue? I'm expiriencing the same problem. Some of these meetings are actually deleted, but they are still shown and block my availability.







I just found a way to get rid of these deleted appointments, by deleting your own ressource from the meeting. That causes the meeting to be canceled and deleted. Just edit the appointment and remove yourself with the cross next to your name.



I hope that helps :)


@WorkyTurky This is not our issue. These deleted services are actual appointments of our staff on the booking calendar. They are appearing as deleted services. 


That is the same as ours, sometimes they will show as normal, an hour later it will say deleted services.  Next day may be fine.  The only way I found that it works correctly is using the Bookings app inside of Teams

No answer to this problem. It is random across our tenant. For the users that are affected, I have found if they open Bookings in Teams the booking calendar appears correct. I wish a Booking engineer would respond to this issue.
That has been the experience for our users. The one that is affected I have them use Bookings in Teams and it works fine.
Same here! I was in the web version and it wouldn't even save appointments. In the teams app it works just fine.
We have the same problem. It randomly displays the appointment entries with the "(deleted service)" text. Some can see it, others cannot. Also, and most recently, the calendar was showing blank and was corrected by selecting/clicking on each of the staff members listed to the bottom left. Bookings in general has been having odd things happen to it over that past 9-12 months. Starting to think it is not a reliable program and may lead to a poor experience for our customers. FIX IT MICROSOFT!
I wish a Booking engineer would respond to these posts. I use to be part of the Booking Private Preview team but recently was removed from that team. Over the last few months the Teams was not responding to requests or issues. The best advice right now for Booking users is to use the Teams app over the web version.