Booking App Issues

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I am having two specific issues


1. When a customer goes and books a slot (under any service), they put in their name and email etc and a customer is automatically created but it does not attach that customer to that booking they made.


2. with the issue above, when I get the Calendar Invite - I have no clue who booked the meeting unless I go log into the booking app.



This seems too basic for me and there isnt much in terms of configuration. what am I missing?

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I'm seeing the same issue; customer information does not appear on Calendar item; no link or easy way to get to it.

@dse-mtaylor89 - I am seeing the same problem as you on doing some testing to use Bookings for Live Events. Firstly I see that issue and secondly there is currently no API through to Live Events so no way to book a Live event for each calendar booking - there is for standard teams. I've also found that for a service for a time slot where I want he user to be able to book their own time slot - I can't. Wanted this so that users could define how long they would like a live event slot for. I have to add individual services in for each time slot - service for 30 mins, one for an hour and so on.

Bookings not looking workable for us right now.