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Just about to launch my bookings page to customers and was doing some testing on it with other users. I tried to book an appointment and received an error stating that someone else had beat me to it and that I should choose another time. However, when clicking the error message off the screen shows 'no available slots for this day. Tried clicking between services and different days and nothing would bring the slots back up so had to refresh screen and once I did that the slots reappeared. Any ideas why this might be? 

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@ZWalker1000   I have the same problem.  trying to use bookings to set up Parent/Teacher conferences.  This is a real bug in the system and even if we instruct the parents to click REFRESH many will not do that and our help desk will be flooded with calls.  I think this flaw is a deal-breaker for us- we cannot use Bookings. 

Same Problem, nothing seems to work, any ideas do far on how to solve the Bug ?

@Carolynn Parisi This has been an issue racking my brains all weekend! I think I have found the solution, or at least a work around!


For all the services I had showing to be booked (in our case training courses), I added our training email address as a "Customer" so that 1 of the spaces were booked already, this then allows anyone else to book on to it, up to the limit.


If I put a service on without manually adding our training email as a customer, everyone gets the error shown above on this thread. 


Try that, let me know how you get on.



@ZWalker1000 i had the chance to talk to the product team and highlighted this. 


This is the response i got, after testing this. it does in fact happen only when when you create an empty appointment from Bookings admin calendar ( 


Thanks Daniel.


This seems to be a bug and we will fix it this week and the fix should reach the production servers in about 4-5 weeks.


In the meantime, this issue happens only when you create an empty appointment from Bookings admin calendar ( and later when you try to book an appointment against the same slot from self-serve bookings page.



So great News, Fix is on the way ;)