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Apologies if this is a basic message (I'm new to Bookings) - I've customised my work hours and set everything up as I think it should be in Bookings, but when I publish the Bookings page it only lets me book 6pm on a Thursday. Is this going to be the case when customers view it as well? I'd quite like to see a customer view. I can't figure out why I can't see all the time slots I could book... 

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If you open the published page (from within the Booking Page) that is what customers should see.

It depends how you have set things up. What I find works best, always have a person assigned to a service, even if it is a fake person with an email that might work (or made up). That way the service availability will not be tied to the 'staff' outlook calendar. If you do not assign a person to a service, then the system will assign an available member of staff at random. If nobody is available it cant assign a person. So there are a lot of factors that could be coming in to play, and without a lot more detail is hard to say exactly what is going wrong for you. Try the above first (or perhaps if linked to the staff members calendar, you have something else already booked at that time). Hope that helps.

@thayes2021 Hiya, yes I am assigned to the service on the sheet and it's showing me, but it will only allow someone to book a slot at 6pm every Thursday :\  I set my business hours as 9-5pm essentially but I have also got times when I'm free in the evening. When I look in the calendar I can see my other meetings for the day but for some reason that doesn't seem to have translated to the booking page. 

@Emily_Stannard In the business info section, check the language and time zone settings and make sure they align and tick the option to show available slots in the local time zone.

Make sure the business hours cover the hours within which you can be booked.

Make sure the on teh bookings page the times for the service align with the business hours.

Under staff make sure your hours of availability align with the 2 above.


Under the service, if the default scheduling policy is ticked just make sure they align.

If thats doe not fix it, try the following:
As one final test: set as abase set that should work and if it does make one change at a time to tweak it to you custom setup:
On the Booking page set the default schedule to 1 hour.
On the service page set the default time for the service to 1hour and DO NOT use buffer time etc.
On your staff page, in the first instance do not tick teh option to link it to your outlook calendar.
Happy testing and if this works you can start making changes one item at a time and check what is displayed on the refreshed booking page after each change to work out what item is causing the issue.



Hello- I'm having a similar issue and I really need help to create this link for an upcoming project. For me, it's showing dates outside of my customized range and at other random times. Could you provide help over the phone or chat???

@JGaines as a further update, if you want to use custom hours for a service,, don't 'Use the default scheduling policy'  with the service. Then under "General availability' set the service to 'Not bookable'.
Now click on the tiny link underneath this section called 'set different availability for a date range'.


During whatever date range you want, set the times the service is available, as simple or as completes as you want to 'Custom hours 9recurring weekly)'


I hope this helps.