Book with me not showing public booking page

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I have used the book with me feature on Bookings, but last month it became impossible to open the booking page for anymore in my organization. Me and my colleagues receive an error message that says the link is not available.

If I use my official booking page in incognito mode and log in as a guest, it works, but not if I am logged in to the organization.

If I instead use the private booking page and use the direct links, it works just fine, but thats not a solution to the problem.


This could be connected to my user since other colleagues book with me works.

I have tried to inactivate the booking page and after a couple of days tried to publish it again without any success, even tried making new booking events but that doesnt work eighter.


Public personal bookingpage:




When using direct link on private (only link) meeting:





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@Simba2023 I'm experiencing the exact same problem. Error message: component 

Hi @Simba2023,

Apologies for the inconvenience. Can you please open a support ticket so that we can get more details on this to debug.




@shaw2285 I will try to open a support ticket, but I have been experiencing some difficulties doing so because it appears my account cant open support tickets.
I am experiencing this same thing as well.