Book multiple staff for meeting

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Just wondering if it is possible to book multiple staff at once. So far I can select through the assigned staff but want to be able to have a meeting with more than one of them. Is this possible?

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Definitely needs to be made possible. This is a must have for our organisation. There are multiple discussions on this forum about this but this is one of the oldest I've seen. Microsoft - GET ON THIS PLEASE!
Is there any solution available for your problem yet? Our company needs it as well.
It says it is being released in November 2022? but was meant to be released in Aug 2022 so I am not overly confident they will not just keep on pushing the month back?
Seems like they have added this feature, but it has been buggy for me. I get outside of business time availability! Anyone else have this issue?
@Young Bang can you please follow the workaround in this thread and see if that resolves it?
Hi I tried that and it does not work. Toggle on, toggle off. It always shows 8:00pm, 8:30pm timeslots. If i remove the multiple staff option, single staff booking, it does reflect the correct time window.
We would need this feature as well.
Use case: we have a large number people with different areas of expertise. The customer need to select the experts based on their needs for the scheduled session.
Solution proposal: add a third option "assign multiple of your staff ..." to "assign staff to service". The booking page should provide a multi select field to the customer to select staff.


Hands down this should be a basic feature. How many meeting do you attend/want people to sign up for and there are only two of you. I need my team members to sign up for a meeting with 2 to 3 other people. Why can I only select one person. I even edited the service and changed number of attendees to 5, but when you go to create the booking, you can still only select one person. How ridiculous is this.???


Has this been fixed? Could someone please explain how to do this?


Thank you.