Blank Appointment randomly appearing in Bookings

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In the last month or so, we've begun receiving blank appointments on one of our Bookings applications.  These appointments do not have the required fields filled in, are sometimes for hours that are outside both the business hours and the hours for the Service, and seem to be randomly assigned to staff members who may or may not be assigned to that service.  We see customer entries that are essentially blank and sometimes the duration of the appointments are for 30 minutes rather than the one hour we have these services set to. The screen shot below shows the blank customer added to our Customer list. 



Below is a sample from the confirmation email.  I am not a staff member on this service, the time is one hour but it is scheduled beyond any of our availability windows  and the name which should appear under the New Booking is blank.  The appointment does show up on my calendar. 





We've been unable to recreate the issue but it does seem to happen when a service is fully booked for the duration of the time available i.e. if we allow booking up to two weeks in advance and all those appointment slots are already filled. 


Is anyone else encountering this issue?  As I mentioned earlier it seems to have started about a month or so ago, but that also may be when all the appointments began filling up. 




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