Bad Request When Bookings URL Accessed from Hubspot Email

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We are attempting to share our Bookings URL with a client list via Hubspot. The tracking code appended by Hubspot does not affect any of the links in our emails except our Bookings URL, which returns "Bad Request." Disabling source and identity tracking resolves this issue by removing the appended code, but is not ideal. Any way around this?

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This is still an issue, please upvote!


We are having a issue with the way hubspot adds UTM parameters to a clickable link in an email. This gives a "bad request" error on the MS booking page. 


Is there a setting somewhere to allow for UTM in the booking URL?

@Gio-sando Is there an answer or workaround for this issue? We're sending Salesforce emails that auto tag utms and we get the same result. A workaround could be to turn off the utms but we want them for tracking.


The only way I could do it is actually creating a new page and embedding the booking page as an iframe

@Kelly Judd   This is old, but I've found using for the bookings link resolves the issue.