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I am working on a project for the SPA in a hospitality company. As a user we want to be able to schedule appointments through Microsoft bookings. We have a subscription and have the platform up and running. One of our biggest issues is availability when we go and schedule an appointment. We have our employees hours entered under their account. These are the available hours entered under the availability tab on the edit staff section.



When a user schedules an appointment they get the following message that the masseuse who is scheduled is unavailable.


I know that this is probably a settings issue but wasn't sure what needed to be changed to make it look like this.



I have tried to change the hours a couple of times through different strategies and have not been able to get the desired outcome. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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@lcastner can you please check if the timezone of the Booking page (under Booking page -> Region and timezone settings) are different from the timezone of the logged in staff? The availability hours are set based on the booking page timezone whereas what you see on the calendar follows the logged in user's timezone. From the above screenshots, it looks like the logged in user might be in a timezone that's 5 hours behind the booking page's timezone.
You are a life saver. I knew that it had to be something simple on our end. I appreciate you and your help!
@davisjr having a similar issue. Verified the timezone of the Booking page is set to Pacific, the user is Central, and just having an issue on a particular time on one day. Shows the user is "Off work from 2:00 AM - 10:00 AM. Their schedule does not reflect this