Availability of Staff and Resources (Rooms)

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How can I manage that services can only be booked when at that a certain time a certain number of staff members and a room (managed as a resource within Office 365) are available? Basically, this is only about the cross checking of several outlook calendars.


I cannot find the setting but please - these "features" are so basic that I really do not believe that Microsoft is so incapable or brazen not to offer them in a paid service. 

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Setting up availability can be intensive. I'm using bookings in different calenders with different people. It is a matter of setting the availabilty settings in that manner on the business, bookings, staff tab and at service level that it works like you wish.



Are you having the issue where you have 2 staff members selected for a certain "service" (like an intro meeting with a prospect or even a review meeting with a current customer) and Bookings will not check both calendars. 


I have their availability set and they both have calendars synced, but it is still showing times that 1 of the 2 employees are not available as they have something for that time slot already. 


Hoping this is something that you were able to get to work on your side - I have read so many articles but no-one was a real answer or solution. 



Is the general availibility of the outloo calender set to at least busy/ non busy? You can do this in Outlook.