Availability for a Date Range Issue

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I am really struggling with the scheduling.

  1. I have ensured that the service providers are available.
  2. There are no holidays scheduled on the calendar

I want bookings to be available from only 10th to the 14th August. It is next week and my lead time is 1 day. 


The service is bookable after the 14th August. Bookings seems to be ignoring the whole "Availability during these dates" section. I have tried entering different dates, I have tried unpublishing and republishing. Reloading the browser and clearing the cache. 

Is there anywhere else I have to go to look to see if there is some override? 

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What I do is create an additional "available during these dates" and choose the first date I don't want the service to show anymore as the Start and the same date +5 years as the end and make those dates "not bookable" 

- In your case it would be

Start: 15th of August 2020

End: 15th of August 2025 

- Not Bookable