Automatically inviting staff to Bookings

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We have a law office with two attorneys and two support staff. When a customer creates an appointment with Microsoft Bookings, the program currently only creates a calendar event for the attorney assigned. Is there any way a notification of the appointment can be automatically sent to our support staff? Alternatively, is there a way our support staff can be automatically invited to any calendar events created through Bookings?

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i tried but failed with error “Id is malformed”.

I have tried several Flows to create an Outlook calendar event and invite my staff whenever I receive an Outlook appointment creation notification from Bookings. However, the Flow does not operate; it does not show that the Flow has been triggered at all. And since Bookings is not a trigger in Flow, I cannot figure out another way to operate it using Outlook.

Hi David,


Thanks for your question!

There is a way that might work for you.


If you create an Office 365 group, add the lawyers and support staff to the group, and use the group's email address as the "staff member" email, the members in the group will receive the invitation in their calendar.


There are a couple of caveats though:

1. You have to create the staff member by adding the email directly without looking it up in your org when you add it in the Staff page - so it would be a viewer or guest.

2. The group calendar will not sync to Bookings, which means, even if the lawyer/support is busy, they could still be booked.


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions.