Auto populating customer details in Bookings

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I am working with someone who is using bookings for internal use only, so to access the bookings calendar a user must have their 365 logon prior to the page.


In this case, is it possible for the "customer" details to be auto-filled, rather than them having to fill in names and email addresses?


At the moment they still have to fill in details even though bookings has allowed them to access the site (so knows they are a 365 user account).


Anyone know if this can be done?




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@Paul Stringfellow 


I'm deploying Bookings as a solution for my service team with the exact use case.


I understand Bookings is build for ease of use and low effort implementation but I was expecting this as a core enterprise feature. The feedback so far is great but I'm still somewhat hesitant about its use since it offers no way to deal with abuse.


This seems to me a must have for user experience and abuse scenarios.

@Paul Stringfellow wondering if there are any updates on this?


The recent version doesn't seem to have this feature still.



@Paul Stringfellow I too am struggling with this issue. It appears that internal users are able to make their name whatever they want it to be. Hoping to see some new features and implementations to Bookings soon.

Same issue. This is much requested in our organization. Would love to hear if this is going to be included and when.
One more looking for this :(
+1 to this, is there any solution?
+1, is there a workaround?
In need of this feature as well!
Yes, looking forward to see if MS can auto-populate this field for organizations using MS Bookings for internal company use.

we do have the same internal user case and would love to see this feature

3 years on - still looking for this to be a thing - why do users who have Signed in to the work account have to type in an email address and name again?
I just implemented an order service for bookings in my company. We are testing it with three users, and one of them has already requested this feature. It would be nice if there were ways to provide this possibility since we are allowing bookings only for internal accounts.

@Paul Stringfellow You must go back to the bookings page settings.
There you can change to the 2nd option :) 
O "No self service"
X "Available to people in your organisation"
O "Available to anyone"

Tricky here is that per default it is set to 3rd, anyone. And then start searching for it in the service settings :-(. 
Note: For testing that it takes some ninutes to be set (as always for Exchange). 

@RoelandC-MSA Having overcome this issue it is time to move on and ask to reserve a meeting room for this booking ? 

Will implement that using power automate (trigger is new booking). And follow up using Outlook actions like "find me a free meeting room" ...