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We have an issue where the services are auto-assigned.  The issue is that auto-assignment begins with the same staff member unless that staff member happens to not be available.  My understanding is that the Bookings app assigns in alphabetical order.  This particular staff member has a name that starts with "R" with several other staff members whose names come before him in the alphabet. 


Ideally, we would like the app to auto-assign in order.  For example, we have staff members A, B, and C who are all available.  The 1st appointment would be assigned to A, the 2nd to B, and the 3rd to B.  Is this possible?  If so, how is this accomplished?




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Hi @JaneWulf


I am an independent advisor investigating this inquiry.


The Bookings app randomly assigns available staff members.  There are no custom settings to specify a staff assignment order or cap the number of assigned appointments. (For more details, see Microsoft's documentation.)


Personally, I think this is a great idea. I encourage you to influence change by adding this requirement to the feedback portal, Bookings · Community ( or Microsoft Bookings Ideas - Microsoft Tech Community.  Other users can vote on this requirement, including me.:lol:.


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Thank you @Teresa_Cyrus!

My apologies for the late response! Yes, I think this would be a tremendously valuable function for the Bookings app. I will definitely add it to the feedback portal and count on your vote :D. I hope other find the idea as useful (fingers and toes crossed)!