Auto accept room invite send by


For several services we added resource accounts (rooms) in order the see room availability within the organization. Employees have the possibility to make room reservations as well. The request are handled by another group of employees. We added the employees handling the requests to a security group with a mailbox. By adding the Bookings account to that security group we also want the Bookings account to auto accept the invites it sends to the rooms.


The problem is that we cannot add the account used by Bookings to that security group. We cannot add it to the auto accept option in Exchange either.

Creating a plain security group (without mailbox) we can add the Bookings account. Issue here is that we cannot add this account to Exchange in order to auto accept the invites (quite obviously because there is no e-mail account attached to it).


Is there a way to auto accept the invites send to the rooms by Bookings?

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