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Just started to have a look at bookings, mainly for internal training workshops and not for external customers. I am wondering if we can lock down access to the published calendar to only authenticated users? 

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I'm also looking at the same use case and wanted to know if access could be locked down for internal use only.

Any update on this to lock this App to internal authenticated users only ?

To expand the use case, it should not be limited to O365 users on our tenant if we enable authenticated users.


We have a use case where we would like to provide Bookings to external customers, but we don't want random users to create bookings. As such, could we have a method to create customers in Bookings itself, a bit like Yammer allows you to invite external users to your Yammer network.

Any update on these
-lock this App to internal authenticated users only and populate requestor's profile automatically when scheduling bookings
- make published URL to encoded URL type instead of taking Booking name and email address
- have many owners/admins to the booking App
Is there a way to use PowerShell to allow booking only to authenticated users or block anonymous users?

I would also like to know if there is a way to block users, we don't want the issue where everyone wants a booking for e.g. "jobs". 

Our bookings tab should be solely used for new or existing clients wanting a service.

we have a similar requirement, is to make bookings service available for authenticated users only