Assign staff without multipling rooms?

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I am trying to use Bookings, which seems pretty nice.

I have the following case.

I have 10 staff members. We need to setup sessions with almost 900 people.

I created a service and assigned these 10 staff as members.

The sessions will only take place Mon-Fri from 09.00AM to 10.00 AM, and each session will have a max of 10 attendees. Last there will be only one room for these 10 attendees.


My problem is, that since I have assigned to the service 10 staff members, that actually creates 10 rooms of max 10 attendees, while I want 1 Room with 10 attendees. 

Is there a way to achieve this? it is making it so difficult to schedule a simple session.

What I would like it would be for the staff to be "included and whoever of those were free to join the session, but not be "available" and hence create 10 rooms

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