Assign a single staff member to multiple services happening at the same time

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Hi I'm looking to assign a staff member to multiple services at the same time, is this possible?

ie university workshop with one workshop technician (staff member) with multiple different machines (services) bookable by students. I seem to be getting if one machine is booked at a certain time then no other machine in that staff members workshop is available. Is there a work around for this? greatly appreciated. Ah Corona

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I'm looking for something similar, did you happen to find a way around this?


I want to run a booking system for 15 x people to book onto an 0600-1400 shift WITHOUT making it a multiple booking. The reason why I don't want it to be a multiple booking, is after a SINGLE booking is made a meeting invite is put into the calender with "name, phone number, staff number, notes" etc. This then allows me to run a Flow to automatically send a daily report of who is on shift to a dedicated email address. If this was a multiple booking, it wouldn't show the individuals information in the booking invite and Bookings is not yet on Flow.