Are you able to forward a Bookings Teams meeting to other people you want to attend that meeting?

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I need the details (customer name, etc.) to show up in Outlook calendar item sent to employees so need to have a single booking. I also need the ability for customer to forward the invite to other people that they need to attend the Teams meeting.


If I set maximum number of attendees to "one", will the customer be allowed to forward Outlook item for Teams meeting and will additional people be able to attend?

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@kmclean13 Yes! My team tested this today. We had a "customer" book the service which has maximum attendees set to one, Microsoft Teams as the location, online meeting toggle on, and send customer meeting invite as well as confirmation email checkbox checked. The customer forwarded the meeting invite to another "customer" and both customers and the staff member were able to join the Microsoft Teams meeting. Note that both customers and the staff member are all in the same organization which uses Office 365. We haven't tried this with a customer outside of our organization who books and forwards the invite to another customer outside of our organization. For this particular service, it will only be internal folks.


We are also going to be testing whether the Staff member can forward their meeting invite to additional staff (i.e., other members of an interview panel).

@ghudson1Hi - I wonder if you have got any further with this as ive come accross an issue. If i forward the meeting from my outlook calendar the outlook calendar does not update the booking to show who it has been forwarded onto ? Have you come across the same issue and would you have a fix for this please? Many Thanks