Appointments on the half hour are no longer showing on my booking page

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As of this morning any appointments that should be available are not showing on my booking page. All the appointments on the hour are showing fine, all the appointments on the half hour are not showing and are therefore not bookable. The appointments on the half hour were showing fine up until today, and some clients have managed to book appointments on the half hour previously.

My appointment duration is set to 1hr and time increments are set to 1hr. Staff hours vary and are very specific, so some staff have availability entered as such: 9am-10am, 10am-11am, 11am-12pm. These appointments are showing fine and are bookable by clients.

Other staff have availability entered as 9:30am-10:30am, 10:30am-11:30am, 11:30am-12:30pm, etc. and none of these appointments are showing on the booking page.

I have tried changing the time increments to 30mins, but this does not work for us as it allows clients to book appointments on the half hours where we do not wish them to.

I have also tried (as another poster suggested worked for them) changing the appointment duration to 59mins instead of 1hr, but it did not solve the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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I am having the same issue!

@TillyM I am also having the same issue, hour long appointments on the half hour 9:30 to 10:30 and 10:30-11:30, no longer showing on the bookings calendar.



I'm having the same issue. Suddenly 2 of my 3 services aren't available to book anymore. No changes of any kind were made in Bookings when this happened. 


We use Bookings to facilitate our laptop-swapping project where our team can handle 16 laptops simultaneously. Suddenly our services that aren't fully booked are unavailable. We really can't use this bug right now in our scheduling. 

@lizkh try setting the time increment in availability option to 59mins (Customized settings) 


I believe this to be a bug that will need to be picked up

Thanks very much for your help. I tried this and it does cause the missing appointments to appear on the booking page, but it has a cumulative affect in that later appointments show as a minute earlier each time e.g. 9:30, 10:29, 11:28, so unfortunately isn't a workable solution for us.
Ok - Apologies that this does not fix your issue - I am not seeing changes to my session start times which all show on the hour and on the half hour. - I hope this issue is resolved quickly

I have the same issue and I have also tried the suggestions made in the comments but unfortunately it did not solve the problem. 

We have also experienced this problem today which only affected group appointments with a start time of 16:30 even though there were spaces still available. These appointment times had disappeared completely from the booking page for the customer whereas everything else was bookable as normal.

Extending the maximum lead time showed that this problem even affected future days, without any other bookings yet. I didn't make the connection that the problem was only affecting appointments on the half-hour mark until I saw this post.

A potential workaround that has helped us to solve the problem (although it may not be ideal for everyone) is to just change the time increments to be 1 minute:


The rest of our settings for the service have a set duration for the appointments (4 hours) which is connected directly to an exact start (16:30) and end time (20:30) for each day, meaning that there is only ever one possible start time to choose each day, so there's never been any flexibility that has ever allowed multiple time alternatives to show up. We previously had "2 hours" selected for the time increments and nothing else has changed in the settings. So changing the time increments from "2 hours" to "1 minute" has (somehow) "fixed" the problem for us and the 16:30 appointment time showed up again - even though it shouldn't really matter what value is in the box for the way that we are using Bookings.

I don't think it makes much sense logically but it works for us so I just thought I should share this information in case it could be a possible solution for other people as well.

If you need multiple times to be available in a day then I reckon you could use the availability scheduler to set the exact times that you want someone to be able to book. But unfortunately I can't really test this concept further. I have a second bookings calendar which I use for tests but the half-hour problem doesn't happen there and I can't find a combination of settings which replicate the problem.

I'm having a similar issue, too!

The services I've created are all 4 hours in duration and begin on the half hour as our office opens at 8:30. So, I have 3 available services bookable from (8:30-12:30), (12:30-4:30) and (4:30-8:30).

This used to work perfectly but as of today, the services won't book at 8:30 anymore. The first time offered is now 9:00. This has caused the last service of the day to be unbookable as it extends past office hours.

Something has changed.

Exact same thing started happening to us today. 

@lizkh I have opened a support request with Microsoft about this issue and have linked to this thread. Will update the thread as soon as we come to a resolution. 

I literally just spent the last 2 hours trying to fix this. All my appointments just disappeared from calendar... Now they seem to be working again, I seriously felt like I was losing my mind. 

This workaround worked for us, thank you!
I've found a work around which works for my situation, in case it helps anyone else:

I've changed the appointment duration to 30 mins and the increment to 30 mins- this allows appointments on the half hour to show on the booking page.

However, it also obviously allows appointments to be booked every half an hour, which I don't want as I need to allow a full hour for client appointments. To get around this I have had to put dummy appointments in the Outlook calendars of all the staff assigned to the service, in the 2nd half of every hour that they are available. That way clients are only able to book every hour.
E.g. if a staff member is available 9:30-10:30, 10:30-11:30, 11:30-12:30, in their personal calendar I have had to block off 10-10:30, 11-11:30, 12-12:30.
This allows clients to book at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 and the staff member they book with is available for a full hour.

It isn't ideal as the booking page shows that appointments are 30 mins in duration, and I would like clients to know they are allocated an hour for their appointment.

It it also very time consuming as there are 20+ staff members assigned to the service and I already have to manipulate their personal calendars a great deal because they do not work the same hours every week and Microsoft Bookings doesn't allow you to enter different availability for different weeks.

But hey, it works for now.

@lizkh you should be able to leave the duration at 1hour - if you have buffer time that could also be casing you issues. Setting the Increments to 1m or 59 minutes should work


Our page still isn't working and it's frustrating that nobody from Microsoft is fixing this issue. It's worth pointing out that our page has been up and running for over a year and nobody has made any changes to any detail whatsoever. This is a glitch and we shouldn't need to 'bodge' the page to get it working (although for what it's worth the bodges listed above don't work either - either setting it to 59 minutes or not on the half hour). It's incredibly frustrating. I could change the time so that it's not on the half hour but then we will get people turning up at the wrong time, which will cause all sorts of chaos.

To update this - it doesn't even seem to be on the half hour anymore - the appointments simply don't work no matter what we try. Again to reiterate, no changes were made to a system that was working perfectly for over a year.
Same!! So frustrating! Has anyone heard back from anyone at Microsoft about this yet? The workarounds are not working for me.