Appointments keep canceling in Bookings

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I have group classes set up for a max of 125 people. The appointments keep sending auto cancellations and there are still spaces. I literally have had over a dozen people trying to register. They get a confirmation and then a cancellation. What is going on?

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@Elisa_Hanley we are having the same issue, did you get this resolved?

@Elisa_Hanley Thanks for highlighting this. Can you please give us more details like screenshots of your service configuration? How you are making appointments? Are you having multiple services or a single service?  and details around this? You can post on uservoice or here and we will look into it. Thanks for your interest and support to Bookings!"

@Radhika_Khetan_MSFT It is a group booking. When one person cancels or if we remove a person from a booking, it sends a cancellation to everyone. We had 125 people in a class and every person received a cancellation. As you can see it says cancelled on my personal calendar and it is still available on the bookings calendar, not cancelled. We have stopped removing people from the training and just overbook it without knowing who is going to attend or not.

@Elisa_Hanley few things are not clear. How can you remove a person from a booking? Currently there is no way to do that. Can you please elaborate each step that you guys followed ? Like service creation (if possible send a screenshot), how did you create a booking (admin portal or self serve), who cancelled the meeting (admin or customer)? The screenshots that you shared are for staff or customer? Can you please elaborate more on these detailed steps? If possible can you send me the calendar link here? This will help us look into the issue further.


We've experienced exactly the same issue. 

Bookings set up to maximum of 500 participants purely so that it's available to everyone in organisation.

People book on the sessions and then receive a cancellation notification and it showing as a 'strike out' in their calendars.

It has happened this morning with a Booking I am the member of staff for and it sent my a cancellation whilst still being 'live' on the Booking Page!



We are experiencing the same issue.

Delegates are booking on to sessions and then receiving a cancellation notification - the course isn't cancelled and is still 'live' on the Booking Page.


If it is a group booking, it is because someone in the group canceled. This was a nightmare for my summer classes where we had 125 people per online class. We decided to use eventbrite after that class. We will not be using bookings going forward. 

@Elisa_Hanley  Any resolution on this one? Seems to be happening still for us.  I opened a support ticket.

@Phillip Lyle  @Elisa_Hanley did you get an answer? I am currently having this same issue.

Yes same issue here. Would be interested to know if anyone has figured it out yet as I'm stumped and have come to the conclusion it's a bug in bookings.

@Odriscoll40 same here, one person cancels via their Outlook Calendar and it cancels for all. Only workaround is asking people to cancel via Bookings and that seems to retain the meeting and online meeting links we've set up.  Would like to see this bug fixed.

@Elisa_Hanley  I'm also experiencing this Elisa. Very frustrating isn't it!


I'm using bookings as an internal Training calendar and have group session set up.  I've noticed 2 things;


1. When it's a group booking and additional people are added, it seems to delete the booking and then re add it in the diary. I think this happens in a matter of seconds, but if connection is slow I've seen a booking look cancelled and then it pings back again. 


2. **bleep** you say, if someone rejects the booking it somehow marks the session as cancelled, weirdly though, it look cancelled in my calendar as the presenter but when I look at the staff calendars they still have it as a calendar invite. 


I'm managing a team of trainers and want to be able to schedule their sessions but it seems bookings isn't quite hitting the mark - Microsoft Bookings - Any update??